Equipping Class Categories

Equipping Class Categories

Grace Church’s equipping classes are designed to cover topics within a major theme of Christian education. Members will gain a breadth and depth of biblical knowledge, as well as wisdom for faithful Christian living.

Biblical Survey

These classes will give you a broad overview of the biblical content but not go into a verse-by-verse discussion.

Exposition of a Biblical Book

These classes will help develop expositional skills (understanding and application) by studying specific books of the Bible.

Biblical Theology

These classes will study the teaching of the individual authors and sections of the Bible and of the place of each teaching in the historical development of the Bible.

Systematic Theology

These classes will look at all of the Bible’s teaching on specific topics. Instead of asking what a particular book or author teaches on a given subject, it asks what we can know about that particular subject from the entire Bible.

Spiritual Formation

These classes focus on issues of spiritual growth and maturity. This emphasis is designed to enhance the student’s ability to guide others in spiritual formation in a variety of ministry settings by offering additional training in areas such as spiritual formation in contemporary culture and the practice of the spiritual disciplines.

Biblical Skills

These classes will help you take what you have learned and use that knowledge in real-life situations, including how to study your Bible, defend your faith, and evangelize.


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